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Twitter for Marketing

Twitter for Marketing- Plan it right, achieve your targets!

There is so much you can do with Twitter, like improving the visibility of your brand, engaging with a specific target audience and gaining leads, even performing competitive analyses. With so much to gain and nothing to lose, why not make the best of Twitter? Here are some pointers to help you ensure that your content is solid and grabbing the right eyeballs!

  • Tweets must be visually appealing. People prefer to find out about a product or service through visual content. Attractive photos, GIFs, short videos all help grab the target audiences attention more effectively than written content. Statistics show that visual content gets more than 2.5 times more replies and retweets than plain written text. So put a little thought into how to showcase your product visually and go for it! Also ensure you tag individuals and build a relationship with your clients, social media must be leveraged as a communication platform from one person to another, not always like a broadcast platform from one to many.
  • Use power words. Tweets can be made many times more effective when you use the right “power” words. A call to action or CTA for example, which not only gets the attention of the audience but also urges them to engage. Ensure the words you are using go well with your visual. And please, don’t use words one has to actually look up to understand. Keep it simple but effective! And keep it short. If you cannot say something effectively in 40 words, even 200 words are not going to do the job for you.
  • Use the tag feature and let your audience or related brands know about your tweet. Tagging instantly notifies the intended users and keeps your brand engagement high. This not only expands your social circle but also gives your tweets more visibility.
  • Keep it SIMPLE. You are sitting down to write your tweet. Don’t begin right away. Take some time to put yourself in the shoes of your audience. “If I was a prospective client for my product, what would I expect?” Answering this question will help you write more effective tweets than from your own point of view. An entire description or long drawn explanations are not necessary at all. Simple, effective and engaging phrases are more than enough to get your visibility and engagement on twitter.
  • Give your audience an opportunity to engage in your tweets by leaving open ends or asking questions. Starting a conversation with your target audience is a great way to improve engagement and also involve your community.
  • Running twitter polls is also a good idea if you would like to follow a statistical approach for a change and there are many options. Twitter even has an inbuilt feature for this.
  • Hashtags! Use them well. Hashtags are very useful for a dedicated campaign. However take care to create the right hashtags. These should be relevant to your campaign, people must be able to understand what you are saying and most important try not to combine too many words together. How do I make my twitter campaign more effective? Is just too many words put together and it loses its effect half way through.... Also be original and try not to use hashtags already in use by a competitor.
  • Use twitter to run exclusive or special offers and make your followers feel special. This will also work to gain you more followers.
None of these pointers require you to use more than your brain power. Go ahead, tweet your way to success.
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