Freedom lies in being bold

Robert Frost

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What is
Bold Thinking?

There is nothing more invigorating in life than making bold choices. True some of these choices can lead to mistakes; however we learn from them and move forward.

We believe in breaking barriers to move out of the traditional modes of conducting businesses. Rather we partner with our clients and it becomes a choice of doing the right things to make “us” a success…

How we began?

Our story began in June 2020 when our founders Vijay and Kishore were discussing their kids and joking about time flying by so fast.

They ended up discussing a recent experience Vijay faced during lockdown grocery shopping. As Vijay was walking past a departmental store, he observed a well-dressed man selling face masks. The man was in his early 30’s with an 8-year-old daughter and had lost his job due to the pandemic. The young man, an engineer by profession, had no choice but to sell masks as there was no other way to support his family. It was a touching experience and Vijay realized some critical issues. The erstwhile employer, a small business which makes automobile parts, shut down because of the fear of cost over-exposure and uncertainty.

Vijay and Kishore decided to step in to help organizations, small or big, to bring the focus back to the people involved and solve real business problems digitally. They realized the automobile company was a traditional business with no exposure to any of the advantages which are available to bigger corporates and did not leverage digital technologies to improve efficiency. They understood that big corporates could handle these uncertainties while the small businesses were left completely vulnerable.

So Hubra Digital came to life.

In the next 3 months, they discussed their ideas with friends and prospective clients and realized the problem was far reaching. They started engaging with a few prospective clients and came to the conclusion that they WILL SOLVE THIS PROBLEM.

The idea is to help small businesses and prospective clients navigate their business challenges effectively and leverage solutions that are affordable. It is critical at the same time to help them sustain and slowly build the business too. Kishore and Vijay realized that they needed to “THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX” (cliched as it sounds), as each client had a distinct problem. So they came up with the philosophy of BOLD THINKING for Hubra Digital.

Hubra Digital’s focus is to become the partner who focuses on the key elements of connecting the human being to the brand. In this process, to also ensure that partner-clients get the best solution for progressive and future oriented business design and to help improve their customer, employee experience and refresh the perspective of the business model.

Our Founders

We are a curated team of international experts united by a single goal; to create category-defining brands and digital experiences that make an impact, shape culture and connect people.


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