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The importance of a positive online reputation

Why is your online reputation important? Look at it this way - If you want to buy a product or hire a service, what is the first thing you do? You find out whether it is a good brand or business. In other words, you want information about the product or organization.

One or two decades ago, you might have asked around in your circle of family, friends and acquaintances to get your reviews. This need for information and reviews still exists, but the difference is that now the first thing you do is look it up online. With virtually every type of information you need available within seconds and on your fingertips, it is not a surprise that every prospective client looks up a product or service or brand online.

When looking at the online presence of your business from the point of view of clients, what do you see? Would you opt for the product or service? And that is why it is important to have positive reviews and a good online reputation!

Maintaining a good online reputation involves a multipronged approach to cover all digital channels. Your digital presence can be classified as-
  • Paid media, as the name suggests, includes your online presence for which a payment is involved, such as advertisements in other external sites.
  • When your online presence is on an external site and you did not pay for it that is earned media. For example, something about your business or content stands out from the competition and it is shared, reposted, mentioned etc.
  • Social media includes all your pages and profiles on social media platforms. It is vital to have regular activity on these platforms and stay visible to your clients.
  • Owned properties are your business properties – your website, your blogs and other digital pages wholly owned by you and over which you have complete control.
We at Hubra Digital believe in BOLD new perspectives and our plan for Online Reputation Management (ORM) will always have YOU, the human behind the brand, as the epicenter of the strategy. We will work to subtly change the perspectives from which your clients will view the brand and the business to give you positive brand positioning always. We work with you to set goals, strategize for each digital channel and execute the plans completely in accordance with your specific needs.

Stand out from the crowd with BOLD online reputation management initiatives from Hubra Digital!
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