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Hashtag Strategy for Instagram

What’s your hashtag? Why is it important?

The Global Pandemic has confined us to life online. The role played by social media has widened phenomenally to put it mildly and smart business strategy in these times is to harness the power of social media. Let us take just one component to analyze here and see how much of a difference it can make to your business. We at Hubra Digital firmly believe in BOLD Thinking and viewing something as common as an Instagram hashtag from a fresh new perspective can make all the difference.

So why is the quintessential “hashtag” so important? Well, to begin with, it can make your business widely visible! If you choose to use the right hashtag the right way, even people who don’t follow your business yet will be able to see your page because of the hashtag. There are many popular types of hashtags that can make it easy for prospective clients to find your business, like location hashtags or service hashtags or special event hashtags or niche hashtags or community hashtags. Hashtags can make or break your strategy and if you end using the wrong ones you could get penalized by Instagram’s algorithm.

A little story to tell here – of a start-up business in the gardening industry. This start-up was born because so many people are taking to gardening while confined to their homes and a couple with green thumbs and a passion for plants identified this trend. At Hubra Digital, we offered a well thought out social media promotion strategy with an ingeniously simple hashtags and the hits started pouring in, not to mention a great conversion rate too. Using this feature effectively by combining just the right keywords about your business with your location can instantly attract the right target clientele to your page. You can even build on this to create a community relevant to your business.

We, at Hubra Digital, believe in looking at the positive aspects of any situation. Our BOLD Thinking strategy is to put social media to work for you! Look out for more such simple solutions and tips in our social media series.
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