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Experiencing transformation through the ages

Unprecedented times like these are when we get the clarity to sit back and think about life in general. On one such opportunity when I was thinking about my professional journey this far in life, I realized how many transformations I have been through and how much each of these has taught me valuable lessons.

I began my professional life in the logistics industry. My father owned a Clearing and Forwarding Agency in Chennai and his first advice for me was that I should take the customs exam and become a certified forwarding and clearing agent. This I did, as soon as I graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Commerce. The Madras Port Trust was where I first learned the ropes of a professional business. At the same time I pursued and completed a Masters Degree in Commerce, through a distance learning programme that gave me the flexibility to work and study at the same time. Transformation lesson number one - Multitask! When you are young use your time to keep studying as you work. You won’t regret it.

In my early twenties I gained experience in a whole host of businesses related to logistics and this eventually led me to the recycling business and my first overseas assignment in Singapore. Working abroad in the 1990’s was an eye-opening experience. The first thing I learned was how completely different work cultures can be in different countries and this was my first insight from a Global perspective. My second transformation lesson - be open to change, learn new ways and adapt, this was the key to survival at that time (and any time for that matter), when the world was rapidly shrinking into a Global Village!

It was at this time that the Information Technology Industry was in its nascent stages and growing really fast. I decided it was time to go with the flow and returned to India to update my IT skills and complete a few certificate courses. The next stop that followed was a business manager post in an IT service company in London. This was my true exposure to the Global IT market and I learned to recognize the crucial role of the management in setting up and running a business. Transformation lesson number three – Be a people person to be an effective manager. Make friends, maintain relationships, empathize, respect your people and keep your commitments. Thirty years down the line, I find that it is these relationships built with people which keeps me going even now.

Life has its own agenda for everyone and soon it was time to start my own family. I felt it was important to do this back home in Chennai and so began my journey as a business management professional in the IT industry. My first stints were in the sphere of project management and here is where I realized the value of my people skills. The cordial and friendly relationships I built with my team earned me friends for life and colleagues who always went above and beyond the call of duty to complete projects! This was also the time when I came to the realization that I must take the plunge and take bigger steps to grow. I left my comfort zone to begin a start-up providing end to end internet marketing services. Transformation lesson number four – Don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone and take the next big step. There is no other way to grow!

Founding a digital agency start-ups and growing it into sizeable organization with 50+ employees, catering to the Global market including India, UK, US and ME turned out to be something that came naturally to me. Two start-ups later, I find that the whole world is on the brink of major change, thanks to the Pandemic. Pondering my next steps in life, Hubra Digital was born. Both my perspectives and my philosophy stand changed now. I believe in the power of the people, not the brand and the Global Crises is teaching me what is really important… humanity. I now work with the aim of putting technology to work for the humans, not vice versa. Transformation lesson number five - It is the people who make the business. Never lose track of the humans behind the brand!
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