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Redefining SEO for Voice searches

An attractive and effective digital presence is vital not only for the survival of your business but is also the only effective route to sustainable market leadership. Before we discuss this technological evolution further, it is essential to be absolutely clear that your digital presence is of no use if nobody can see it and this visibility comes from a good SEO strategy. That is why the goal of this article is to discuss how SEO can be redefined to meet “VOICE”.

The life we live now is completely different from the life we were living just a year and a half ago and we survived because we embraced the change and adapted. The way people search for a particular business or service or product has evolved so much in the recent times (think SIRI and ALEXA), how SEO responds to this search pattern must evolve too. It is fairly simple to deduce that a voice search is quite different from a text search using a keyboard. Since Search Engine Optimization techniques are oriented towards recognizing keywords and directing the search to the appropriate sites, they must be adjusted to recognizing the different patterns of keywords used in voice searches too.

An important consideration in adapting to voice searches is the recognition of different types of voice searches depending on the device or the purpose. For example a voice search on a smart phone digital assistant can be completely different from a voice search on Google Maps or Yelp. This means the type of business/service you run or offer, whether it is locality based or a specialized service or caters to a particular category of clients, like a restaurant or a luxury salon or a school, must be scientifically correlated to the likeliness of a voice search for it. For example, people are more likely to search for a “restaurant near me” or a “salon near me” but the possibility of using voice to search for “a school near me” is that much lower.

Remember, voice searches at the moment are fast growing supplements to text searches but not yet replacements. A good chunk of the overall search segment is on voice and this is definitely worth targeting when you plan your digital strategy, but your entire SEO cannot be oriented only to voice. Moderation and knowing how to strike the right balance is the key here, and that is what we the digital marketing experts at Hubra Digital are specialists at!
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