Democratization of digital

Democratization of Digital

"Its not about a faith in technology. Its faith in people", Steve Jobs could not have said it better. One of the biggest challenges faced by many organisations, big or small, today, is keeping the "human" factor important in an increasingly "DIGITAL" environment. Everywhere we look, there is always a machine vs human conflict, one which need not even be there, if the digital technology is harnessed right. Different people have different views of the concept "digital" and there is often a misunderstanding that digital means completely eliminating the human factor. This belief could not be further from the truth! Small businesses often find themselves in asituation where they emulate the digital strategies of large corporations, without therebeing any need for it. Websites, social media, e-mails..... Are these really the be-all and end-all of digital?

Every brand has a story behind it. Every customer wants a human experience. The more personal the experience, the better. Every employee is the real human buildingblock of the organisation, one cannot but invest wholeheartedly in employee satisfaction. Here is where the process of democratisation of the digital factor can work wonders. Investing in the right digital solutions can enhance every one of these requirements rather than take away from them. It is vital that the focus of the organisation remains on the product, the customer and the humans who build the organisation, the employees.

When a business builds on these broader goals, the digital factor is automatically democratised. The focus being on personal experiences and humanising brands ensures that digital technology is directed at enhancing and supporting these goals. Digital technology is the most effective way to protect a business from adversity and give it the right direction for sustainable growth. It only needs to be directed into the right channels, rather than be viewed as a de-humanising factor. Where there really isn't any need to breakdown existing technological structures and re-build from scratch, simple re-working of existing solutions can be a cost effective approach. All it takes is to think differently!
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