Bold Thinking

After taking the world by storm with the first Star Wars movie, George Lucas said "Everyone seems to think that technology devoids the medium of content, but that is not true at all. If anything, it broadens the content." And he proved it right. Breaking out of the mould of conventional thought processes is what leads to progress. This is true not only of the movie industry but also in the case of every business, big or small. Our common perspective of digital technology must be changed to fit the new reality now. Given the current crisis situation and global pandemic that the whole world is facing, it could not be more obvious that standardized boiler template approaches are obsolete.

The pandemic has literally forced the focus from digital technology to people. Rather than take the standard traditional approach of putting people to work for technology, businesses are slowly realising that putting technology to work for people is the way forward. There are so many instances and stories around us which are bringing reality into sharp focus. Look at how the advertising industry has embraced the shift for instance. The focus has shifted to putting the people at the forefront and focussing on warm relationships with local businesses. What was always portrayed as grand and larger than life is now portrayed as emotional and nostalgic with importance to people and relationships. When the shift is all around us, does it not make sense for businesses too, whether large or small, to embrace the power of the people? In lord Tennyson's words "the old order changeth, yeilding place to new...".

The people matter, the quality of your product or service matters, the relationships you build matter-whether within the business or with clients. In times of uncertainity it is very easy to fall prey to illusions of grandeur or big stories. It is vital to stay focussed on the foundational blocks of any business, which is the people! Technology needs to be channelised into consumer focussed models. It is eminently sensible to invest in and spend on innovation and essentials. Keep solutions simple and affordable. There really is no need to go with cost intensive solutions simply because they are traditionally the done thing. Reliability at every level is the need of the hour. It is the trust of the people, your own employees, your peers and your clients that will keep your business thriving. Model technology towards a people oriented goal and your business can survive any crisis!

This is where the Bold Thinking approach comes into play. Breaking out of the box and solving challenges by looking at them from entirely fresh perspectives can give you surprisingly simple and effective solutions. Bold thinking is building efficiencies that add value to customers by creating a culture of high performance which is entirely focussed on people experiences, be it the employee or the end user. It is driven by the people, in a productive and sustainable cycle that involves PEOPLE-PROCESS-PLATFORM and back to PEOPLE. Bold thinking involves building communities that collaborate to harness the power of digital technology and evolve into an ecosystem of knowledge that brings global societies together. 
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