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Innovative business communication solutions with various features enable businesses to connect on any device from around the Globe. Viva Meet offers cloud phone systems that enable making calls, sending messages or HD video conferencing deceptively easy and convenient for Global businesses. These comprehensive solutions come with many features and plans to suit specific needs.

The People

Viva Meet is conceived, executed and led by an expert team whose ingenuity in creating the most simple yet effective communications solutions is unmatched. The experienced and talented founders realised the need for reliable wireless connectivity solutions after having experienced a natural disaster that brought businesses in the area to their knees due to a lack of connectivity. Having decades of experience between them running telecom companies and technical product development for finance, healthcare and communications systems, their passion and expertise led to the development of VivaMeet.

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The Challenges

The cloud phone system and business communication solutions and services offered by Viva Meet are effective, secure, pocket friendly and customised. The challenge here begins with introducing the effectiveness of the service to the target clientele and creating USP awareness even before building the brand. Another challenge is ensuring the innovations and the host of features and conveniences backing the services reach the clientele. The multiple customised packages of services offered, which can be chosen either as composites or individual options by clients, to be effectively communicated. Spreading product knowledge. Another challenge was offering the services and products as the best among available solutions.

How we took it forward

With BOLD being the mantra of the Hubra Digital team and our characteristically head-on approach, we provided a comprehensive digital presence as the solution which tackles all these challenges and covers the services and solutions offered from multifaceted perspectives and attractively showcased information in an easy-to-navigate webpage which gives all the necessary knowledge to clients and ensures active engagement and easy conversions.