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Tula is best described as a movement that is responsible and sustainable. This not-for-profit social enterprise touches more than six livelihoods in producing a single garment. The organisation endeavours to save the almost lost traditional/desi/landrace seeds and the skill of hand spinning to make yarns that are then hand woven, naturally coloured with plant material and finished by manually tailoring.

The People

Tula is spearheaded by a passionate group of people committed to questioning the exploitative processes of the cotton textile industry and determined to make a difference. The team has evolved from a not-for-profit retail outlet selling organic products to an organic farmers market to identify the need of the hour- organic cotton clothing. This step forward brought on the revival of a dying art/skill and change for marginalised cotton farmers at the grassroots level.

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The Challenges

Tula is a unique model of a not-for-profit enterprise that addresses the disconnect between the clothes we wear and their environmental impact and exploitation of the people working in the textile industry; the first challenge here was effective knowledge transfer to the prospective clientele. Other challenges, like the ones that confront every niche market, were also present. That the products are completely natural and not mass produced and entirely dependent on the season’s availability and weather makes them that much more difficult to showcase and market.

How we took it forward

The Hubra Digital team offered a comprehensive digital solution, including design and implementation: - in the form of an attractive, uncluttered and informative online presence. The site design is knowledge oriented and easily navigable to provide the best customer experience while seamlessly dispersing the relevant product information and highlighting benefits to prospective clientele with a focus on responsibility and sustainability.