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Tranqwal is a company specializing in “Green Wall” solutions. Customized indoor and outdoor vertical garden solutions are designed and executed for every need including corporate houses, public infrastructure projects, offices and homes, combining the best of technology and scientific knowledge to result in sustainable and maintenance free vertical gardens.

The people

More than 20 years of varied experience in diverse fields including IT and landscaping led to the founding of Tranqwal. The founders are entrepreneurs with a commitment to improving life spaces and going backto nature. After years of dedicated research, the right plants and planter technologies were identified and put into action.

The Challenges

The green wall products and services offered by Tranqwal are relatively new to the market. The challenge here begins with introducing an entirelynew product/service to the target clientele with no local pilot projects that can be showcased as an example. Creating product awareness even before building the brand. Another challenge is ensuring the scientific and technical information backing the services and products reaches the clientele. The sheer variety of services and products offered, which can bechosen either as composites or individual options by clients, to be attractively showcased. The final challenge was offering the services and products as an amalgamation of the best of gardening and technology to overcome space and maintenance related restrictions. "Value for all" and "self sustaining" are the two mantras to be positioned for the brand.

How we took it forward

Our Hubra Digital team met these challenges with a business design thinking approach that began with creating a strong online presence for the brand. An attractively designed, dynamic and responsive site was created that disseminates appropriate knowledge while at the same time creating product awareness. The design is clean, pleasing and soothing in accordance with the USP of the brand and also makes it easy for prospective clients to browse the wide variety of products and services offered.