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Tonglit Autogistic offers end to end supply chain solutions. The services include material handling products, packaging solutions and services, warehousing, transportation. Provide solutions for all Automotive Supply Chain & Logistics challenges, covering the entire gamut from handling production parts at supplier plant till delivery of finished vehicles at dealership and also providing strategic consultancy services for Agricultural and Construction Machinery industry in packaging, logistics network & supply chain management.

The people

The Tonglit team are visionaries and industry leaders with the unique mission to provide superior and value-added end to end supply chain services and solutions to clients, driven by ethics and constant innovations. Their expertise and experience in all the aspects and elements of the subject matter enables Tonglit to provide ideal customized solutions and help clients can focus on the core business without worrying about logistics. Innovation, creativity, imagination and performance are the solid pillars on which services and solutions are built here.

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The Challenges

The supply chain solutions and services offered by Tonglit are innovative and customized. The challenge here begins with introducing an entirely new solution to the target clientele and creating product awareness even before building the brand. Another challenge is ensuring the innovations involved and technical information backing the solutions and services reaches the clientele. The multiple ranges of services and products offered, which can be chosen either as composites or individual options by clients, to be effectively communicated. Spreading product knowledge. The final challenge was offering the services and products as the best among available solutions to overcome logistics related restrictions and focus on the core business.

How we took it forward

We, at Hubra Digital, provided a comprehensive digital presence as the solution which tackles all challenges and covers the services and solutions offered from all angles. Attractively showcased in an easy to navigate webpage which gives all the necessary information to clients and ensures active engagement and conversions.