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Teraforrm is a pioneer in manufacturing high-quality bioplastics to meet customers’ ever-changing needs across industries such as packaging solutions, films and film coatings, cutlery, toys and cosmetics. The company is driven by a vision of sustainability and environment-friendly alternatives to traditional plastics through innovative renewable biodegradable and compostable bioplastic solutions is the mission.

The People

An enterprising, experienced and dynamic team with a vision to make a difference and uncompromising business ethics is the secret behind the success story of Teraforrm. The team comes equipped with master’s degrees in engineering and business strategy from premier institutions, laying a strong foundation and fuelling their passion for the environment and the drive to innovate and achieve something. Positively impacting our deteriorating environment is the driving force behind this path-breaking team.

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The Challenges

Teraforrm being a multifaceted and multiproduct manufacturing business with a specific goal towards creating sustainable change, positioning the brand in the right light in the minds of prospective clientele was the first challenge. Many bioplastic product solutions catering to diverse industries meant endless possibilities. The challenge was to harness these possibilities and head towards creating a symbiotic relationship in the bioplastic communities per the company’s vision. The strengths and advantages of choosing bioplastic products must be highlighted, and their USPs explained effectively to prospective clients.

How we took it forward

Hubra Digital team offered a comprehensive digital solution, including site branding, website design, SEO strategy and content strategy: - in the form of an attractive, uncluttered and informative online presence. The site design is knowledge oriented and easily navigable to provide the best customer experience while seamlessly dispersing the relevant product information and highlighting benefits to prospective clientele.