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SMOAD is a software defined network solution provider that helps businesses build networks that are highly reliable, secure, scalable and enhance the performance of the business. Their technically advanced high speed wireless routers use software defined wide area network (SD WAN) technology and come with built in broadband and 4G LTEs aggregation capabilities, centralized control, built in firewalls for enhanced security and app prioritization capabilities for uninterrupted and high performance connectivity.

The people

All it took was one natural disaster, (in this case floods), which disrupted connectivity for days and brought a South Indian city to its knees, for the experienced and talented founders to realize the need for wireless connectivity solutions that are reliable and not dependent on any one cable or service provider. Having decades of experience between them, running telecom companies and technical product development for finance, healthcare and communications systems, a state of the art edge router that solves multiple challenges was developed and deployed in 2018. There has been no looking back since.

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The Challenges

Spreading product awareness and building a loyal customer base were the first challenges for SMOAD, being a relatively new entrant into the market. THE USP of the brand and the advantages of the BEETLE and SPIDER routers over others needed to be clearly highlighted. The micro service capabilities of the routers and all the solutions they provide like WFH and businesses needed to be prominently displayed for prospective clientele. The major advantage of these routers, wireless 4G (with multiple SIM slots) and broadband aggregation to be highlighted. Increasing brand visibility and keeping the products and advantages prominent in the view of prospective clients were challenges to meet.

How we took it forward

We, at Hubra Digital, believe in the BOLD approach to challenges and our take on SMOAD includes digital solutions to overthrow every challenge. Attractive and informative web presence created which enhances customer experience through dynamic c and responsive pages, ease of navigation built in. Creative use of infographic to disseminate knowledge in an easy to understand manner, even for the technical layman. Ingeniously planned and executed SEO strategy supported by an organic blog post which keeps the technology and products prominent in the minds of the target clientele.