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A leading skin care and cosmetics brand which has been creating waves in the skin care and cosmetics industry across the globe since the 1960s. Skeyndor is a European brand headquartered out of Spain and is exported to over 60 countries globally. Available in India since 2011, the brand is available in select luxury salons across the country. The brand mantra which is self explanatory is “scientific skincare”.

The people

Skeyndor’s strength comes from their belief and investment in R & D and the customized skin care products for every type of skin. Skeyndor had no online presence in India until the Pandemic hit and the need was really felt for the first time as salons remained closed.

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The Challenges

Skeyndor being a top end luxury brand, end users have access to these products only through salons and the challenge here is to reach the products to end users without affecting sales through salons. Being an uber luxury brand, awareness needed to be created about the products available and their unique benefits. Purchases needed to be linked to salons distributing the products in the area. They follow a B2B2C model and their sales strategy is directly linked to the success of their partners.

How we took it forward

At Hubra Digital we believe in “Bold Thinking” and meeting challenges head on. The seemingly complicated challenge was solved by putting into place a salon code function that ensures the best user experience for both salons and end users of Skeyndor products. The ecommerce solution had to be robust and engagement had to be fluidic taking into consideration that there was a high shopping cart abandonment. The solution provided was a model that ensured both the partners and the brand successful ensuring it is a win-win model for both.



Abandonment rates reduced by 60%


Sales cAbandonment rates reduced onversion increased by 25%


M-O-M unique visitors up by 10%