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Ravens Ait is the perfect venue, situated on the river in Kingston upon Thames, to host all manner of events. It is conveniently located within easy reach of London and Heathrow airport. This two acre island is dedicated to private bespoke events, weddings or corporate events or private parties or public cultural events.

The People

Ravens Ait is managed by entrepreneurs with experience and passion, who believe in going all out to ensure the best customer experience. The effort that goes into understanding exactly what is required to make the event in question perfect in every way, the warmth of reception, the sheer elegance of the venue, the attention to detail that elevates the experience – are all testimony to the passion and dedication of the team.

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The Challenges

Being a uniquely appointed venue for bespoke events makes Ravens Ait a niche offering. The first challenge involved is to ensure that prospective clientele are aware of the brand and services offered. Keeping the brand visible and on top of the minds of the target audience while also ensuring it is positioned in the right perspective among the right clientele is the main challenge.

How we took it forward

The Hubra Digital team confronted these challenges with a comprehensive SEO solution which seamlessly keeps the brand visible to the specific niche target clientele. All SEO tools are effectively deployed to ensure a steady stream of hits and improve the percentage of conversions and widen the customer base.