Rasha Mansour


Rasha Mansour


  • Website Redesign & User Experience
  • Search Engine Oprimisation


  • eCommerce (Shopify)
  • Design Direction
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Gold and Diamond bespoke handcrafted jewelry studded with precious and semi-precious stones. Every design is thoughtfully based on the legends and symbols of Ancient Egypt, bringing the wearer the divine energy, protection, and magic of the piece. Manufactured in Dubai using the highest quality gold and ethically sourced precious gems, Rasha Mansour Jewelry is available for worldwide shipping.

The team

The team at Rasha Mansour is fuelled by its passion for its work and the urge to make a difference in the jewelry market. They have the experience and expertise to match the vision of meaningful jewelry which is painstakingly handcrafted by expert artisans. Each design is the result of the team’s uncompromising drive to bring out the magic of Ancient Egypt.

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The Challenges

A niche business of exclusive handcrafted jewelry, Rasha Mansour, is a multifaceted and multiproduct business catering to both men and women; positioning the brand in the right light in the minds of prospective clientele was the first challenge. There was so much more to the products, from ethical sourcing to meaningful design and the convenience of being an exclusively online store, that needed to be highlighted while increasing brand visibility.

How we took it forward

Our Hubra Digital team offered a comprehensive digital solution, including site re-design and implementation: - in the form of an attractive, uncluttered, and informative online store designed using Shopify. The site design is simple and elegant to match the products sold, informative to bring out the special stories behind the creation of each piece, and easily navigable to provide the best customer experience.