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North Texas Mensa


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A community for people of all ages, and from all walks of life- the only criteria is to be in the top 2 percentile of any standardized IQ test. Bringing together highly intelligent people and providing them with a fun platform to interact and engage and ultimately identify and foster intelligence for the benefit of humanity is the mission of this organization by providing a stimulating intellectual and social environment for all members. Specifically, curated events are regularly organized to ensure this goal is achieved.

The People

The people behind North Texas Mensa are a community of visionaries who believe in the power of intelligence and how this can be harnessed for the betterment of humanity. Driven and passionate in their conviction, they combine all their collective expertise to unite members and ensure there is always an intellectual, social platform for them to come together. The high intellect of the members is the inspiration that challenges organizers to strive for more creative and meaningful events constantly.

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The Challenges

The North Texas Mensa website remained a traditional space, with most functional aspects handled manually and offline. The first challenge to overcome was to move to faster and more efficient online processes for functional aspects. Furthermore, enabling acceptance of online payments was also a challenge as payments are date-specific and dynamically change according to the nature of the event. Spreading information in the right light and ensuring the target audience gets the essential knowledge about the organisation's goals and how it functions was another challenge to address.

How we took it forward

The Hubra Digital team approached these challenges with our characteristically head-on approach, and we executed a comprehensive website revamp to revitalize the digital presence of North Texas Mensa. The solution provided also included enabling online payment to meet the dynamic changing charges over timelines. Attractively showcased information in an uncluttered and easy-to-navigate webpage gives all the necessary knowledge to clients and ensures active engagement.