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Jeannot Ceuticals is a modern amalgamation of nature and science and these products used in in-salon treatments not only address immediate skincare concerns but also focus on providing related benefits to unveil the true essence of beauty. The cosmeceutical products are infused with scientifically prepared plant extracts and packed with the most innovative “triple action technology” to give you glowing results.

The people

Jeannot Ceuticals products are imported and distributed for in-salon treatments in India by a company driven by people with passion and principles. As distributors of some of the world’s best cosmetics and skin care brands in India, the company believes in nourishing and growing these brands in India by creating winning business models for their customers through their brands. A company that believes in the power of the people who sell the brands!

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The Challenges

This being a premium European brand with unique properties, the foremost challenge is to create brand awareness among the right target clientele. The distribution of these products is purely through salons and creating awareness of which salons provide the products and treatments is another challenge. In-salon treatments are available in a customized manner and the online questionnaire for prospective clients to be seamlessly incorporated into the digital solution.

How we took it forward

Hubra Digital offered a comprehensive digital solution in the form of an attractive and informative online presence. The site design is knowledge oriented and easily navigable to provide the best customer experience while seamlessly dispersing the relevant product information. An online consultation with experts is built into the site providing clients with the option of a pre-treatment consultation.