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Handspun, handwoven, handmade organic cotton clothing and materials for the responsible consumer. A collective enterprise dedicated to keeping alive the traditional Indian handloom and cotton textile industry, which is the largest employer in the country after farming. This industry is largely structured as very small-scale single units (individual households in rural India, businesses predominantly run by the women) and artisans with a lineage going back generations were faced with a seemingly insurmountable obstacle when the pandemic hit. India Handmade Collective aims to bring together these artisans and consumers while also educating a wide audience on the benefits of sustaining our local handloom cotton textile industry.

The people

The people behind this unique collective venture share the common vision of revival and sustainability for the traditional Indian cotton textile industry, each with a burning passion to improve the livelihood of our traditional small-scale handloom textile artisans and re-imagine how traditional organic cotton is offered to the new age consumer. These organisations are collectively associated with more than 25,000 local artisans from different parts of India and directly make a difference at the grassroots level.

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The Challenges

Despite the Indian handloom Cotton textile industry being large with lakhs of rural households engaged directly and indirectly in the handloom weaving process, the end product remains “niche” and the average consumer remains unaware. The first challenge is to reach the right clientele and educate them about responsible and sustainable consumerism and support the local small-scale artisanal industries. Bringing out the altruistic nature of the collective and making a difference in the mindset of the target clientele while ensuring that the right information is communicated. Another challenge is to effectively bridge the gap between the artisans and the consumers and ensuring benefits directly reach these artisans.

How we took it forward

The Hubra Digital team met these challenges with a comprehensive digital web solution that seamlessly integrates functionality with ease of navigation and spreading of information. An attractive site with engaging information that brings out the passion of the collective while also encouraging clientele to explore more information on the work done and creative processes of the artisans and bringing into focus the hundreds of years of heritage behind these traditional textiles.