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Ela Green Buildings and Infrastrusture Pvt Ltd is a company committed to honouring the Earth we live on and effectuating change, one building at a time. With a firm belief in giving back to the abundance of nature and sustainability, they have grown to be one of India’s leading Green Building Consultancy firms, providing sustainability solutions to a wide range of projects across commercial, residential, industrial, retail, hospitality, and other sectors.

The team

A strong and diverse multi-disciplinary team that believes in collaboration is the driving force behind Ela. Distinctions between domains of architecture and different branches of engineering disappear when ideation begins on a project and all that goes to work is a burning passion to make a difference and helping clients realize sustainability roles. Whether it is grueling field work on audits or creating simulation models or commissioning work or consulting, the people behind Ela are always geared up to chase their passion.

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The Challenges

Green building certification, energy conservation building code for energy management, building services from conception to execution to operational stage, architectural services and education on sustainability at the grass roots level are all services offered by Ela Green Buildings and the foremost challenge involved was to disperse knowledge and information about these to a specific niche clientele. Educating the target audience about the greater commitment and larger challenges involved with any environment friendly and sustainable venture is a big another challenge.

How we took it forward

The Hubra Digital solution to these challenges was to create a digital presence that delivers unmatched customer experience through sheer ease of use and seamless knowledge dissipation. The website has many ingenious features which ensure that the service is presented for easy understanding while also highlighting the ingenious solutions provided by Ela green Buildings and building customer loyalty.