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Covers Off is a subscription-based platform carrying fantasy cricket content, cricket data & tactics, cricket betting calls, and gaming-oriented programs developed around auctions and daily fantasy. The vision of this enterprise is to help fans earn money by giving fantasy tips, betting calls, and data access in a way that may benefit fantasy gamers and punters as well as presenting them with alternative habit-forming gaming possibilities to become professional fantasy gamers.

The Team

Covers Off is the brainchild of a team of passionate Cricket and gaming enthusiasts who come from diverse backgrounds and more than a decade of experience in the IT industry. Having grown up in circles of avid fantasy gaming, the team accurately identified the gaps in the business and stepped up to cater to the need of the hour. Hands-on industry experience fuelled by passion drives this team of youngsters to excel.

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The Challenges

The business model of Covers Off was users can read the predictions but only after paying either a monthly or yearly subscription. This presented a big challenge as the payment gateway providers did not understand the business model and did not accept this as an eCommerce site. The other challenges were not to let users bypass the paywall using developers’ tools and to give provisions to capture registrations from 3rd party websites. The website had many unique challenges all the way through the development cycle, and the most challenging work done by the team Hubra Digital.

How we took it forward

No challenge is too great for team Hubra digital and our characteristic BOLD approach came in handy. The site was developed in core PHP. The content management system had inbuilt provisions for adding users, posts, categories, and newsletters. The system also had the option to capture referral data from third-party sites. We worked on a custom code to prevent users from accessing the posts using the developer tool. We took all precautions to ensure that SQL injection code could not be used to destroy the database. With the launch date just a few days away and not hearing anything positive from the payment gateway providers, we had to switch to UPI-based payments for local users and PayPal for international users.