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A group of premium day and boarding schools offering CBSE, IB and Cambridge curriculums across three campuses situated in Anna Nagar, Chennai and Thirumazhisai, Chennai. The schools believe in child-centered learning and provide a choice of diverse curriculums for children along with world class amenities.

The people

Chennai Public School group of schools is run by passionate educators with a vision for the future of school education. The management believes that the most important factor is the children and every step they take must be oriented towards holistic education for the children involved. Thus, they offer diverse national and international curriculums that the children can choose from according to their personal needs and the best possible amenities for a variety of extra-curricular activities in accordance with the requirements of the international curriculums. Each and every teaching and non-teaching staff member of the school is wholly committed to the children, in line with the beliefs of the school.

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The Challenges

Being a school that offers not one but three different curriculums for children to choose from, the biggest challenge faced was to effectively communicate the choices and the pros and cons of each choice to the target clientele, all integrated through a single dynamic and interactive website. The website also had to cater to the needs of students already in the programmes. The schools had to be made visible in the crowded and competitive school education circles of Chennai and surroundings, adequate hits needed to be garnered. Many interactive forms for enquiries, applications, admissions and enrolment had to be integrated to make it a one-stop digital solution for multiple needs. Effective communications channels with the school parent community were needed. Seasonal promotional activities needed to be undertaken and integrated.

How we took it forward

These challenges were tackled by increasing visibility through aggressive campaigns in Google Ads covering India, Malaysia, Singapore and the Middle East. Search Engine Optimization is constantly done to improve visibility to target audiences. Signages and hoardings were constantly created and leveraged on social media. A constant buzz was maintained on channels like FB, Insta, Twitter and Pinterest to announce News, Events, Activities.