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The spa offers specially curated services to rejuvenate mind and body while the luxurious experience soothes the soul. Holistic well-being and the experience of true luxury from within is the focus of all spa treatments and their philosophy is that this can only come from achieving perfect harmony between the five basic elements of the universe – Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Cosmos or Ether.

The people

Athma Spas are spearheaded by dynamic and enterprising entrepreneurs who have more than two decades of experience in the beauty and wellness industry. This venture was started when they identified the niche in the market for luxury spa services that are also an amalgamation of the traditional and the contemporary. They researched ancient knowledge and treatments from different parts of the world and use scientific methods like ayurvedic massages combined with the right environment to enhance all senses and bring about the most luxurious experience for the client. True to their vision, this is now a fast growing uber luxury group.

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The Challenges

Being one among a growing spa industry, the USP of the brand had to reach the target audience and the challenge was getting the right message across to the right people. The sheer variety of services offered ranging from gemstone based therapies to oriental therapies to traditionalIndian ayurvedic therapies and the contemporary fashion in which these are executed needed to reach the target audience. The locations of the spas needed to reach the target audience.

How we took it forward

We at Hubra Digital used our bold thinking strategy to create a comprehensive digital marketing solution for Athma Spas. The solutions offered within the digital promotion framework included a dynamic and easily navigable site offering all the information in an attractive package, creating brand awareness and achieving the right brand positioning through a series of well-aimed social media campaigns and packaging anddesign solutions for their essential oils to enhance customer experience.