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Ask Chit Vish is a cookbook beyond compare, that is designed to encourage Gen Y and Gen Z to try traditional and authentic Indian vegetarian recipes. Every recipe included is personally tried and tested by the author and comes with lucid and easy to follow instructions. The author has an intuitive understand of how the young generation cooks and the style of instructions given caters to this specific point. The explanation of the culture and heritage behind the recipes makes for delightful reading too.

The people

The person behind this unique and supremely useful venture is a passionate cook with decades of experience. Also being a committed student of Vedanta, she infuses a positive energy into her recipe writing, combined with an intuitive knowledge of how to cook the ingredients in hand to bring out the best flavors. A diverse yet comprehensive collection of vegetarian recipes, both traditional and modern, covering all of India and some parts of the Globe, are included in her seemingly endless repertoire.

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The Challenges

This being a cookbook in an already overcrowded online market, the first and foremost challenge is to position the brand in the right light in front of the target clientele and bring out the brand USP, which is failsafe instructions. The advantages of the cookbook over others to be highlighted. Improve customer experience through ease of use. Increase brand visibility and build client base.

How we took it forward

The Hubra Digital solution to these challenges was to create an app that delivers unmatched customer experience through sheer ease of use. The app has many ingenious features which ensure that the recipe is presented for easy cooking and builds customer loyalty.