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Andhra Annam


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A restaurant at KC food street Chennai with a unique menu serves fusion cuisine that is carefully curated to replicate Andhra home food. Their specialty is “Amma intevantalu” which translated from Telugu stands for “cooking from mother’s home.” They serve wholesome food that satisfies the palate and wallet alike.

The people

Andhra Annam is the dream child of a group of passionate food enthusiasts who have decades of diverse experience in many fields, including farming, banking, beauty and wellness, and education. A family where food has always been a common unifying factor. They noticed the restaurant business gap where large concentrations of young and single professionals working away from home in IT tech parks lack access to affordable home quality food and thus was born Andhra Annam, the homely restaurant.

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The Challenges

One industry that has witnessed a big boom in OMR, the IT corridor of Chennai, is the restaurant business. Thus the first challenge was not to get lost in the crowd. Another challenge was to reach the target audience with the right information regarding what is unique about the cuisine and the competitive pricing. Familiarising the brand and building a loyal customer base amid stiff competition.

How we took it forward

An attractive and ingeniously informative website that was designed with prospectivecustomers in mind. Easy navigation and simple access to the menu for making choices. Intensive and target audience oriented social media campaigns. We ran a social media campaign and offline events to attract walk-ins.