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1on1 Fitness


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A fitness home set amidst the breath taking Kodaikanal Hills offering personalized fitness boot camps where one can be disciplined, train hard, get fit, eat right, and enjoy a rejuvenating holiday too.

The people

Young entrepreneurs with more than 20 years of fitness experience focusing on strength training, Yoga, Chinese medicine, healthy eating, and wellness. Our client partners have trained under and learned from leading world masters in their respective fields. 1on1 fitness holidays was conceptualized when they realized the need for many fitness and strength training enthusiasts to get away from the crowd and focus on fitness training to relax and rejuvenate. They identified this as the unique service of fitness holidays.

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The Challenges

This is a highly specialized niche service that encompasses the hospitality industry and the fitness/strength training industry. The first challenge is to position the brand correctly and reach it to the specific target audience. The service includes a picturesque holiday setting in the hills, rigorous fitness training, yoga to heal and recuperate faster, and personalized meal plans, all USPs to be communicated to the niche clientele.

How we took it forward

Hubra Digital created a strategy to increase digital brand awareness and bring out the same vibrant energy in all their digital properties. We developed a website that focussed on giving information that was educative and prompt users to take follow-up action.